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Our Office Has Reopened – COVID-19 Protocols

May 22, 2020

Dear Patients,

Some exciting news! After over two months of closing our office doors, we reopened on Monday May 18 for live interactions. The first few days went very well. Being away from the office for so long has reminded me that I really love my job. I have missed you!

Please call 212-375-4019 for an appointment or go to ZocDoc. Telemedicine visits with PA Sydney Karp will still be available for those who are out of the city or prefer to be seen virtually.

As for the office, things will look a little different…

The decision to reopen was made with a lot of thought, intense planning, and consideration for your health, balanced with the fact that some patients really need and want to be seen in person. This is a long email, but please read through it as it contains important information, and provides an outline as to what we are doing to optimize your and our safety, and what to expect when you come to the office.

Below are specific steps we are taking to protect your safety and that of our staff. These are based on the American Academy of Dermatology guidelines for re-opening

We are limiting the numbers of patients scheduled, and having only one provider see patients a day, so that you may be quickly put in an exam room and there should never be more than 2 people in the waiting room, which allows for 6 feet distancing. Worst case scenario, and I don’t anticipate this, we will ask you to wait in the hallway for a few minutes until we can assure distancing

We will be disinfecting the exam rooms after every patient, as well as disinfecting common areas often

We will have no magazines to reduce patient-to-patient contact, so you will not be able to get your celebrity gossip the day of your visit 🙁

We will all be wearing masks in the office, and Sydney and I will be wearing masks to examine and treat you

We will be disinfecting hands before and after every patient, as well as wearing gloves

Patients’ temperatures’ will be taken via forehead non-contact thermometers upon arrival to the office and results will be noted in their chart. If a patient refuses to have his/her temperature taken, he/she will not be allowed in the office.

All office staff will have their temperatures taken daily, and not remain in the office if a fever is present. In addition, Dr. Fishman will screen staff daily for common COVID symptoms

All staff will change clothes after getting to the office, so commuting clothes will not be worn when seeing patients. Here is your chance to see Dr. Fishman in scrubs!

To minimize contact, we will insist new patients fill out digital paperwork. In office payments by credit card can be dictated verbally to the front desk.

Patients will not be allowed to come into the office unless they are wearing a mask.WE WILL NOT SUPPLY MASKS OR GLOVES TO PATIENTS so please bring your own mask and gloves if you wish. Sydney and I will remove your mask as needed to examine the area, like for a full body skin cancer screening, or any lesions/rashes around your mouth

Patients should arrive to appointments alone unless a guardian or caretaker is absolutely required. If so, only 1 person may accompany the patient. Patients are not allowed to bring their children to the office at this time under any circumstances.

If you, or someone in your close contacts has exhibited flu-like symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, severe muscle aches, shaking chills, or recent loss of taste or smell, please do NOT make an appointment for everyone’s safety

Please be advised, you are entering our office at your own risk. We have applied protocols to ensure the safety and health of the staff and our patients. By entering the office you are agreeing to our care during the COVID-19 pandemic and hold Cybele Fishman MD PLLC harmless of any COVID-19 related, health related, or personal issues that you believe might arise from your visit.


Dr. Cybele Fishman