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Colloidal Oatmeal In Skin Care: 5 Reasons Why Derms Love It For Dry, Itchy Skin


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These Vitamins for Hair Growth Will Give You the Rapunzel-Like Locks of Your Dreams

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Stretch Marks Happen, Why do Women Have to Love Them, Too?


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13 Sunburn Remedies To Try This Summer; Because Aloe’s Not Your Only Option

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The Simple Skin Care Routine Dermatologists Recommend (and it’s not complicated)

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This Super Common Smoothie Ingredient Has A Rep For Bringing On Rogue Breakouts


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The Real Reason Your Pores Always Clog (No Matter How Many Facials You Get)

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Sun Protective Athleisure? What You Really Need to Know About UPF vs. SPF

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Should You Wash Your Face With Honey?


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Want to Try Oil Cleaning? Read This First


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Best Dermotologists in New York City

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Beauty – Recommendations for Great Skin

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7 Anti-Aging Products Dermatologists Swear By

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Scientists Are Working On A New Acne Treatment That Could Change Everything


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The Surprising Way Exercise Helps With Acne: Dermatologists Explain

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Natural Solutions for Keeping Hormonal Breakouts Under Control

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Easy, Natural Remedies for Controlling Your Rosacea


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The Winter Skincare Products You Should Use, According to 5 Dermatologists

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This Is Why You’re Skin Breakouts Right Before Your Period


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I Spent 6 Weeks With Elvie, The ‘Most Personal’ Trainer

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How Much Do You Really Know About SPF?

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3 Things You Need To Know About Sun Poisoning

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Put On a Fresh Face for Spring with the Pellevé Anti Aging Treatment


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Aesthetic Health & Wellness Trends for 2016

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5 Tips for Tackling Hormonal Acne

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Chapped Lips Do’s and Dont’s

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Natural Makeup and Skin Care: TODAY Investigates The Movement

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Money Rules: Tipping Etiquette At Spas, Your Doctor’s Office & Medi-Spas


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7 Ways Sleep Loss Wrecks Your Face and Body


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Do A Dual Cleanse


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Treat Your Skin Like A Derm


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Beauty & Wellness Expert: 5 Surprising Tips To Stop Sweat


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How To Deal: Acne Scars

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Beauty and Wellness Expert: Weed VS. Wine?


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Does Himalayan Pink Salt Hold Up To The Health Hype?

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Eco Beauty Expert: Green Your Routine


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Green Edition Pro: Do They Really Work?

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How to deal with the most common (and pesky) break out zones.

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Dr. Fishman shares a few simple solutions for dealing with winter skin woes.

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Meredith welcomes Dr. Fishman’s expert advice on her Winter Health Clinic.

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Featured Beauty Innovator: Treating Skin Holistically


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Ask Men’s Health: The best way to eliminate planter warts.


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Health & Happiness: Your Skin’s Natural Defenses

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Expert advice for sensitive skin.

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Start with Beautiful Skin!

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Spring Skincare: Your Biggest Skincare Problems, Solved!

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