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What is Integrative Dermatology?

November 5, 2013

The skin is the largest organ in our bodies, and in my opinion, if you do not see the skin’s health as part of overall body health and wellness, you are missing an important part of the picture.   For me, , the best way to treat patients is using a combination of conventional Western medicine and complementary treatments, whether they be herbal or vitamin supplements, acupuncture, dietary modifications and stress reduction techniques.

The word holistic gets thrown around a lot, but at its core, it just means seeing the patient in his/her entirety, not just the organ you specialize in.  So on my registration form for a new patients, I ask about stress level, what you do to relieve stress, if you enjoy your job, how your sleep is, how healthy your diet is – because I think all of those things impact health tremendously. If a patient says to me “Dr. Fishman, I swear sometimes I think you are my therapist,” I know I have done a good job, because a person’s emotional health is so intertwined with physical health.

I want to use this monthly blog to address issues that I feel are not being talked about enough by dermatologists, and while there are a million websites devoted to complementary medicine, I hope to take a more scientific approach but also make the science more accessible.

Some future topics:


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Be well,    Cybele Fishman, MD