Offering a highly personalized approach to both cosmetic & medical dermatology, integrating conventional therapies with a complementary approach to health and wellness.

Medical Treatments


An approach that fits your needs, from all natural to Accutane

Mole Checks

A head to toe look at moles to make sure they look benign!

Skin Cancer Screenings

Recommended once a year, especially if you are fair or have had lots of sun exposure

Laser Treatments

Broken Blood Vessels

A low risk, effective treatment using Varilite (KTP) laser

Removal of Sun Spots

Using Varilite laser, TCA acid, or cryotherapy, depending what is best for you

Light Therapy for Acne

Safe treatment, even during pregnancy, using red and blue light with the state-of-the-art Omnilux technology

Cosmetic Treatments


Low-risk, high-reward way to get rid of many wrinkles – We specialize in natural-looking Botox, not frozen face!

Broken Blood Vessels

A low risk, effective treatment using Varilite (KTP) laser

Leg Vein Treatment

Sclerotherapy (vein injections) using Asclera, the newest, safest, best treatment



Both Ultra and Voluma, lasting 1 year – 18 months, for filling deep folds around nose and in chin, as well as voluminizing sunken cheeks


Lasting 1 year, a great filler for deeper folds


Our favorite filler for lips and under-eye circles

Medi Spa


Our extensive facial offerings use organic products to bring a beautiful look and feel to your skin. Relax and enjoy!

Chemical Peels For Face & Body

We work with even the most sensitive skin types using best in class natural products to improve and smooth the texture of your skin.

Micro-Needling Using Micropen

An innovative tool used for treating the appearance of fine lines, acne scars and improvements of your skins overall appearance.

Dr. Fishman is pleased to offer Neal’s Yard Remedies

“Dr. Fishman thoroughly examined me, asked lots of questions about my history and prior treatment… within about a week my skin started to clear… I have the best skin of my life and it’s awesome… I’m so happy to have finally found a great dermatologist!”

Amy H. review

“I started seeing Dr. Fishman because of severe acne and now you would never know I had acne. She gets to know her patients and does not try to push unnecessary services on her clients.”

Chris L. Review